Sense of Beauty / 美感


In London, there always be a lot of gum, cigarette butts, paper bags, plastic wrapping paper on the road. For various social reasons, that rubbish has been on the road as if they were growing up with the road. After the baptism of time, it seems that it has been integrated into the ground, so should we call this a road or a road covered with rubbish? I began to consider the issue of ‘integration’. In addition, the inexplicable texture on the road gives me a feeling about subtle beauty. I want to express this subtle sense of beauty.

在伦敦的大街小巷,路上会有许许多多的白色斑点‘口香糖,’ 烟头,纸袋,塑料包装纸等等垃圾,而因为各种社会原因, 这些垃圾就这样一直在路上,就仿佛它们本身就生长于这个路上一样。经过时间的洗礼,仿佛已经融入到了地上,那么我们应该称这为一条路还是说一条被口香糖垃圾布满的路呢? 我开始思考 ‘融入’ 这个问题。另外这些垃圾在路上形成的质感莫名的带给我一种微妙的美感。


# 1


Cigarette butts, Chewing gums, Newspapers, Resin etc. 

烟头,口香糖,废弃报纸,树脂 等

# 2

Interactive Work

Slime, FilmCigarette butts, Chewing gums, Newspapers, Resin etc.